Frauenkopf auf Untergrund und es regnet Blumen

Ryusekido Hiroko

Frauenkopf auf Untergrund und es regnet Blumen
Mädchen mit Katzenohren, es regnet Blumen auf dunklem Hintergrund
Zwei Mädchenköpfe, einer mit Schmetterling vor dem Gesicht, darüber schwebt ein halber Apfel in den Wolken
Portraitfoto Hiroko Ryusekido

Hiroko Ryusekido

Address(3-4-43-328 Koto-ku shinsuna Tokyo Japan), zip code(136-0075) /

telephone(0356834882) / mail address(

Born in Tokyo in 1962 and raised in Chiba prefecture. Lives in Tokyo.

I became interested in copperplate prints when I saw the printmaking by Yoko Yamamoto, a copperplate painter, on TV.

Then I entered an art school.

At the Setsu Mode Seminar, I learned drawing, collage, and watercolor painting,

 and at Bunpodo Art School, I learned how to make copperplate prints from the beginning.

The print technique I make is to transfer lace fabrics and photographs to a copper plate and put them in etching or aquatint.

 I mainly draw women’s faces, dresses, and dark landscapes.


2001- 2017 Bumpodo Art School

2011   Setsu Mode seminar graduate

Group Shows

2001-2015  Twice a year  Art school exhibition  / Bumpodo Art gallery (Tokyo Kanda)

2014  Etching, 7 people exhibition / Art Space K (Tokyo kagurazaka)

2011   Etching, exhibition / Gallery (Tokyo Iidabashi)

2016   Exhibited at Motra International Pittura in Matera, Italy

2018   Exhibition organized by Olivia Paroldi (Cannes)

​2018   Kilengi exhibition organized by Alfred Graselli (Vienna)

​2019   ONNA exhibition (Vienna)

​2020   ZETTAI exhibition (hyogo JAPAN)

2020   Thousand Face of Arts Exhibition (Taipei Taiwan)


2017  Galerie du Faune

2019 Gallerie Irene Legris

         ONNA 2 (One Woman Show in the graphic cabinet)

2019 Gallerie Irene Legris  ACCORCHAGE Exhibition


2017 October   85th Print Exhibition ( Tokyo Japan)