Zeichnung Käfer von unten
Surrealistische embryonale Monsterfigur
Hirn mit Auge, surrealistisch
Kopf unscharf verschoben

Particle of my life,

A lot of people I meet are in the constant circle of fixing and protecting their bubble, for some this is definitely what they need, for others not. Instead of fixing it, I focus hard on destroying it and creating a new, bigger one. This process is my constant bubble, or at least for now it is. My paintings are heavy and often not easy to comprehend, although I know their also very corny at the moment and they often try to be something their not. Im not gonna lie, I aim to be all sorts of things and mostly I miss, but through trying and experimenting Im finding myself more and more.

I found that when your born into an easy life (And don´t fool yourself, to me an easy life means not being afraid that you will die due to hunger tomorrow or getting eaten by a big cat.) You have the capacity to confront yourself with the Problems of the World.

Art is one way to do so for me.

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